What is Learner Doer?

 Learner Doer is a platform dedicated to teaching self development skills, productivity tips and tricks, and also covers topics on career guidance. It’s a go-to blog for self-improvement, bringing prosperity, and taking action! To cover all these topics we have created three categories which are:

 Are you still procrastinating?

Often we think we are smart enough and so we don’t need any hard work to be productive. However, if you can’t finish a task by being productive—you’re are not being smart at all. Because you will never archive the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Of course, there are many things to blame for our distraction—social media, video games, YouTube, random urge to watch another episode on Netflix, and so on. Not to mention that our attention spam gets crashed very easily and we are always one step closer to scrolling through Instagram reels. All these things makes it almost impossible to concentrate on a particular task—reading a book becomes the most boring task in the whole damn world.

But for sure there’s away. Our blog contains some of the best productivity tips and tricks which are backed by scientific methods and powerful resources. These articles help you fight procrastination with the help of self development skills.

 Are you crazy about self-help material? Do you want to grow self development skills?


Self-help blogs are great for personal growth and a wonderful source to gain new knowledge and experience. These types of articles are a perfect source of encouragement and inspiration that you can use to accomplish your dream life.


That is why we regularly curate ideas, goals, methods, and real-life examples into self-help blogs to boost your attitude towards positive living. Also, we do understand that different reader like different content. Some readers appreciate learning about self development skills while others like inspirational stories. In the same way, we cover productivity tips and tricks but also have a selection on appreciating life.


So if you want, you can read all of them but if you are a bit choosy—pick something which you feel passionate about. Because each blog has its own merits and problem-solving benefits. That is why we are pretty sure that there is something for every self-help lover out there—we know you’ll fall for something!

 Are you exploring career options? Are you someone who is also
interested in earning through freelancing?


from productivity tips and tricks, our major concern is to provide
proper guidance for exploring a new career option. You might be someone who
wants to become an expert at what you do. You might be looking to
upgrade your current skill-sets. Or there are good chances that you
might be looking for a career change—freelancing may be.


In any
case, we cover all. The time is changing, the world is shifting
towards digital solutions, and earning online is the new trend.
However, in order to follow that, you’d also need to adapt.



You need
new techniques, you need self development skills and you need to be
updated all the time. Our category in the career section takes care
of all the pain points mentioned above. Plus, we are a big fan of the
digital world and freelancing!