7 Highest Paying Freelancing Jobs in India

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“Which freelancing services are in demand?”

Among the most googled questions related to freelancing—one of the most asked ones is about the highest paying freelancing jobs in India. With unparalleled gratitude to the pandemic, the world has felt the significance of digital media more intensely. Millions of people have lost their jobs and billions have worked from home to continue the mill of life.

However, in contrast to this, the ever-developing freelance industry has witnessed a massive hike in its revenue. In fact, India has ranked the first position to have produced the most freelancers in 2020 leaving behind the United Kingdom, Philippines, Canada, and even the United States.

The best thing that motivated a mass of people from a varied educational background and social status to take part in the freelancing field is its flexibility and independence in the work schedule. Why would anyone want to run in the rat-race when all they can do is just by following their passion and in turn earn more money than usual?

Starting from a student of the 9th grade to a high qualified educator or an engineer, everyone can work as a freelancer. A creative mind and a proper marketing strategy are all that are needed to be a successful freelancer in India. You need not have to be bound in the 9-5 hours work. Neither do you have to seek permission for leaves. With freelancing, one can be their boss.

More importantly, women all over the world who have been sacrificing their careers to take care of the home and the kids till now are becoming able to earn handsome money each month staying at home and working for merely 3-6 hours per day. New-age women are of the opinion that freelancing is the perfect career for them.

Now if you are all set to embrace the boss life even while sitting in your PJs too with your bank account sum touching heights. Then you need to know these 7 highest paying freelancing jobs in India.

1. Content Writing

Everything is content around us. The hoarding with brilliant font styled writing to, the catchy lines of a commercial advertisement on TV, content is what attracts the attention.

Suppose, you found a fascinating discounted rate on electronic appliances online. What is the first thing you do before purchasing one? You check the reviews first. Or, when you are feeling nauseous and have no appetite. Do you not go online and check with the signs and symptoms for nauseousness and what could be the possible reason behind that?

You are not alone in it. Researches prove 94% of consumers check online reviews when in dilemma.

Everything you watch in websites, newspapers, email copies, books, blog posts, articles, eBooks, social media posts, webinar scripts, product descriptions, product reviews, advertisement, etc., are all written by content writers.

Skills you’ll need:

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

While searching something on google, you might have noticed websites lined up having answers to your query. The first page containing answers you see in the SERPs (search engine results page)—well, it’s because of the magic of SEO.

If you know all the nitty-gritty of blogging then you can start your freelancing journey. However, the roles and responsibilities of an SEO expert way more than that. No doubt, it is one of the highest paying freelancing jobs in India.

From making the website of the brand presentable to optimizing it. Handling all the social media handles, updating it from time to time, approving and rejecting contents, managing errors, deciding tag lines, organizing campaigns and seminars, etc are some of the responsibilities.

If the content is the king then SEO is his armor. So, if you are planning to become an SEO expert, rest assured you will have double the load but triple the payment. A brand no matter how big or small needs an SEO expert as its marketing head. Therefore, the value of an SEO expert can’t be avoided.

Skills you’ll need:

  • Analytics skills
  • Marketing skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Grasp over multiple researching tools
  • Efficient communication skills
  • Always staying updated

3. Digital Marketing

The spectrum of Digital Marketing is vast. Though becoming a content writer or an SEO expert is possible for anybody with creative skills. To become a Digital Marketer you must get yourself proper guidance. Before helping a brand stand out, the first role of a freelance digital marketer is understanding and getting proper training about every aspect of the field.

Digital strategy, social media management, content marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, campaigns, SEO, CRM, Support and Sales, Graphic design, analytics, etc. Falls under the roof of digital marketing. This makes it one of the most creative and highest paying freelancing jobs in India.

The foremost thing that a company seeks from a digital marketer is to generate leads and represent their brands online. If you succeed to do that and help the company to see a spike in their revenue. You will not remain disappointed with your income too.

In most cases, freelancers begin with content writing or SEO and gradually shift to the rest. This helps to experience and gain expertise in every spectrum.

Skills you’ll need:

  • Effective marketing strategy and skills
  • Knowledge of using diffrent analytics tools
  • Effective communication and writing skills
  • Knowledge of all social platforms

4. Web Development

The first thing a brand requires to be digitally active is a website and then someone to manage it. the Web Developer is the person in need there. The work might sound simple, but it pulls a lot of effort out of a web developer to make a brand receive good leads. Hence, the charge of a web delivery is comparatively much higher than any traditional IT background employee.

If you belong from a tech background then this can be your ideal freelancing job. And even if you do not, upgrading your skills and learning JavaScript, Python, C, C++, Ruby, SQL, etc., will help you to earn a comfortable living.

Web developers are also called digital designers. Their role is to design a website or webpages of the brand according to the target audience.

Although no fancy degree is required as such, having a graduation degree will increase your chances to get projects more easily.

Skills you’ll need:

  • Knowledge of web designing
  • Coding and SEO
  • Knowledge of editing and graphics
  • Error management techniques
  • Multi-tasking

5. Graphic Designing

Would Instagram become the millennial media if it was visually unappealing? It is the power of graphic designing that makes everything on social media—and every other place, fascinating.

Surveys prove that graphic designing within the next decade will be the highest paying freelancing jobs in India. But why do they get so much attention? Because they make the impossible transform into relevant. How else could you believe that a 15sec advertisement with animated characters is making you buy a product?

As a graphic designer, your role will be to bring all the marketing strategies into reality. This would include, designing the website of the brand along with the graphical editing of the advertisements and brochures. You also might need to design pamphlets and magazines.

Though several apps have landed which helps the designing seem easy but getting a course on how to graphically design will help you learn the art better.

Skills you’ll need:

  • Creativity and authentic ideas
  • Mastering different designing tool
  • Sense of design and aesthetic

6. Blockchain Development

Blockchain is an emerging technology opening new doors for the development of a brand. Optimization and the development of the blockchains are what Blockchain development is all about.

Taking a blockchain development course can help you get a deeper idea of the role of the developer. Both for core blockchain and blockchain software. To give you a brief about them; core blockchain developers are the strategists and the blockchain software developers are the one who brings those strategies into action.

To be precise, both the roles of the core and software blockchain developers are equally important and have varied responsibilities complementing each other. As an emerging technology, companies pay a high number of salaries to their developers. You as a freelancer can earn more by handling several companies together. With days, the rate will be going higher.

Some of the expertise of blockchain developers are cryptography, software development, data structures & algorithms, computer networking, decentralized applications, and so on.

Skills you’ll need:

  • JavaScript, Node.js, Web3.js, Truffle Suite, etc.
  • Algorithm management
  • Blockchain architecture
  • Cryptography
  • Always being up-to-date

7. Programming

The finishing line must be neat. Or else the whole work would be dusted down. The role of the programmer is similar to that of the finishing line. After the whole procedure of making, designing, and implementing is done, it is the programmer who keeps examining the system until it is error-free. Though their work does not end here.

The programmers are responsible for updating and upgrading the system from time to time. Though this field is much appreciated. You must be from a tech background and have a degree in the science or commerce field to be a programmer by profession.

So, if you are a student interested in this job, start building your portfolio right now. This job is ideal for freelancers as an independent working skill is very much required to succeed in this field. The duration of each project completion may last for two months or even more in some cases.

It might take you a while to establish yourself. But once acquired a position you will get high-paying projects. Internships and periodical work experiences are also a great way to learn.

Skills you’ll need:

  • Strict work ethics
  • Excellent observation, thinking, and problem-solving abilities
  • Under-pressure work management
  • Brilliant mathematics and application skills.


Using social sites to make your own identity and learning from masterclasses, webinars, and courses by experienced freelancing experts is the best thing you can do to upgrade your skills.

Job sites like Indeed, Glassdoor,, Upwork, Internshala, and most importantly LinkedIn, are best for any newbie to begin. Utilizing them will be a great idea.

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