7 Signs you’ve Been Doing Too Much for Too Long

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There are so many modern-day productivity gurus who are constantly sending one type of message. That is getting more things done in less time is the new cool. Working 60-70 hours per week will make you an entrepreneur. Not looking after physical heath and getting burned out is the only way. And intentionally or unintentionally, you have been following this philosophy till now.

Because at the workplace, you feel irritable and anxious most of the time. And this indicates that you might be doing too much and that your brain and body deserve some time off. Long and stressful workloads are hindering both your physical and mental well-being.

Now, the problem is how can we recognize that we are doing too much for too long? And why is our well-being at stake? Let’s find this out by mentioning 7 indicators that would challenge you to stop doing too much and start taking a break.

 1. You feel Overwhelmed all the time

What happens when have too many tasks on your plate? What happens when you are overcommitting and doing too much? The answer is, you are simply going to be stressed and overwhelmed all the time. All these tasks and meetings pilling up on your schedule—are also going to take up space on your brain.

Eventually, your mind tries to alarm you about all these tasks which haven’t been accomplished yet. Whether you are eating, sleeping, or spending time with your friends. This alarm is going to fill every moment of your life—day and night. You can’t escape it.

2. You’re Always Tired

We tend to sit at our desks for long hours. We repeat the same routine of sitting on our chairs and working. Research in the journal – Occupational & Environmental Medicine, revealed that the more people worked, the more their risk of discomfort in the back was seen.

Another reason doctors suggest is that extended stress contributes to muscle strain and ultimately to an increase in discomfort. To avoid the loop, we can take short breaks in between and exercise to maintain a good posture. 

3. Your productivity Goals are not meeting

This occurs when your job occupies your emotional state and you’re unable to produce the desired performance. When the hours of work have risen dramatically, it will lead to a stalled productivity. You may not be able to achieve successful results and have acquired boredom with your processes.

For eg, if you’re a graphic designer or a writer or you belong to any creative field. You might have been sitting at your desk for hours and not able to produce any good ideas. This is because of the underlying tension which is taking place in your head and is blocking the circulation of new thoughts.

4. Not able to Manage Relationships

This is a significant indication that you work too hard and affect your personal life. You are not in a position to take some quality time off with your close ones and are not open to them in times of need. Your loved ones most probably worry for you because you are doing too much and not listening to their advice.

There is a proverb which says something like we shouldn’t carry our desk at home. And that’s wise and relevant. One should not put their relationships at stake and engage. You should prioritize your time with friends and family. Spending time and connecting with your favorite ones offers tremendous joy in our lives.

5. Your Conscious is always Running

We’ve been in this position where our minds are continuously worrying about deadlines. And we are always scheduling a new meeting. Hence the workload will take a toll on the cognitive processes and everything becomes hard to worry off.

Doing too much, analyzing too much, and estimating too much have become a lifestyle and you already seem to be in a spiral. It’s always important to pat yourself at times like these and remind yourself to calm down. Our work shouldn’t swallow our soul. A deep breath is a cure for relaxing the excessive mind.

6. You’re Feeling Sleepy All the Time

One factor that your work shouldn’t intrude is your sleep schedule. Sleep plays a critical role in terms of safe living and working performance. Still, we find our sleeping routine going upside down. It could happen that you’re always worrying about your career, and when you close your eyes off—the alarm starts ringing.

Or you might be working till late hours and not getting a perfect sleep your body demands. With that, going to bed at the same time, every day also gets a lot more challenging. This causes circadian rhythm disorders and hence you are more sleep-deprived.

7. You can’t Keep Up with your Hobbies

When was the last time you have read your favorite book or baked a cake or went to play some sports? You can’t ever remember, right? These questions help you wonder about your life decisions and how you separate yourself from everything you used to enjoy.

Hobbies are an important part of our lives and need similar consideration. Practicing a hobby will instill in you various benefits and skills. Doing things we are passionate about makes us who we truly are. They make our lives worth living. So start reading again, or playing soccer again!


To sustain a healthier lifestyle, you must recognize your habits and your professional behavior. You must priorities your work schedules, but not at the expense of your emotional well-being. You can unknowingly harm your physical and mental health in the race of doing too much.

Consider taking breaks more often, try to be thoughtful with the work you are doing. Because getting fewer things done, can not only make you more productive, but your overall health will also thank you in the long run.

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