10 Best Freelance Jobs for Students – And How to Get Them

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We all have been there. We want to spend more money during our school/college days but our pocket money won’t allow it.

Part-time is one way to make extra money but gone are the days when it used to be viable. Because such jobs require you to be present there physically. Plus, the money is not good, and the time is also not flexible.

Therefore, freelancing is going to be your best option, here’s why:

  • There is no limit to how much you can earn.
  • Because of the flexibility, you can concentrate on your studies also.
  • Freelancing jobs might turn into your full-time career after graduation.

Sounds good, here goes the list of best freelance jobs for students.

1. Freelance Writer

Writing jobs are the best options when it comes to freelance jobs for students. There are many reasons for that:

  • Very few people can actually write.
  • There is a huge demand for writers.
  • You don’t need to be an expert to start.
  • There are multiple platforms and niches to choose from. 

Therefore, even if you’ve got just a little bit of knack to write, you should start freelance writing. You can write blogs, articles, ad copies, white papers, social media content, and a lot more.

How to get started:

  • Set up a free website where you can write whatever you like and publish content regularly.
  • You will gain the basic knowledge of creating a blog.
  • You can use this website as a portfolio to get your first gig.
  • Now you’ll need a little marketing to get your first job. Use the power of LinkedIn.
  • Check out our full guide on starting as a freelance content writer.

2. Graphic Designer

Just like content writing, freelance graphic designing is a highly creative job. If you’re someone who likes to play around with different colors, fonts, and graphics, this is for you.

Here are some more reasons why you should consider graphic designing:

  • If you’ve got a sense of style, you’ll find this easy to do.
  • Every business needs a designer these days—big corporations to small digital agencies.
  • Every company is on social media—they need someone to design their posters.
  • It’s a highly satisfying job in terms of creativity.

How to get started:

  • You don’t need to have a degree, but skills.
  • You can start by watching YouTube tutorials and start practicing. 
  • Once you’ve got some designs ready, put them on a free website and create a portfolio. 
  • To get you gigs, you can start looking on LinkedIn or freelancing websites like Fiver and UpWork. 

3. Online Marketer

Every business wants to build its online presence these days. Hence online marketers are in high demand and are a great option as a freelance job for students. In simple terms, an online marketer is responsible for bringing traffic to the website, social media handles, and other places. For they use different skills like SEO (search engine optimization), link building, and organic reach.

Here are some solid reasons for choosing online marketing:

  • It’s a highly demanding and lucrative job.
  • You don’t need any technical background or degree.
  • Most of the students are already aware of social media trends and marketing.

How to get started:

  • You should at the very basic level be familiar with the fundamentals of search engine optimization and social media platforms.
  • This includes the business and pro features within these platforms. 
  • You can learn about the basics by reading different blogs and watching YouTube videos. 
  • If you’ve got the basics, you can start from LinkedIn or freelancing websites. 

4. Online tutor/teacher

This is nothing new in the online world but the whole Covid situation kind of rejuvenated the online teaching business. The best thing about this freelance job for students is that everybody can do it. And almost every student would be comfortable here. 

Some more reasons:

  • You don’t need extra skills to learn.
  • You can teach your juniors what you’ve learned so far.
  • Several new jobs and platforms were created because of the pandemic. 
  • You don’t have to dedicate a lot of time and the payment would be based on your sessions. 

How to get started:

  • Select your targeted students.
  • Decide your sessions and pricing. 
  • Choose a platform to teach. 
  • Tutor.comCheggWyzant, and Skooli are some reputed platforms to begin.

5. Video Editor

Everybody loves to consume video content. All those cool YouTube videos you see by your favorite creator are edited by someone right? Most probably by a freelance video editor. It’s because big YouTubers, can’t manage to do everything on their own so they hire freelancers. Apart from YouTube, video editors are needed everywhere—social media, digital marketing, advertisement, and so on. 

Some reasons to go for it:

  • The demand is only going to increase.
  • There are multiple niches to choose from.
  • You don’t need any degree or special certificate

How to get started:

  • You need to learn the basics of video editing.
  • You can watch multiple YouTube tutorials for free.
  • Learn to use software like Adobe premiere.
  • You can even start your own YouTube channel to experiment.
  • Once you’ve got some videos, put them in a place and create a portfolio.
  • Start pitching to potential clients.

6. Website developer (WordPress)

Every business needs a website—even the smallest ones. So if can learn to develop websites, it can turn into a lucrative freelancing gig. And the best part—you don’t need to learn to code (while it’s a bonus if you can code.).

Here are some reasons:

  • You can start with WordPress which doesn’t require you to code but to work on pre-made templates. 
  • Most blog owners and businesses prefer WordPress and other such platforms for their websites. 
  • This means you will not run out of projects.
  • Working on such CMSs (content management systems) requires you to use plugins and templates instead of coding.

How to get started:

  • Create your own website on WordPress and start practicing. 
  • There are numbers of YouTube videos and blogs already present which can literally teach you everything. 
  • Learn to use different plugins and tools by experimenting on your own website. 
  • You can use this website as a portfolio. 
  • Once you are good with the basics, you can start offering your services.
  • Visit places like Fiver and Freelancer to get some projects. You can also find clients on LinkedIn.

7. YouTuber

It doesn’t exactly come under “freelance jobs for students”, but it’s so much worthwhile. A YouTube channel can give you career opportunities, clients, sponsors, and so on. And if you can manage to bring in some audience, you can earn a pretty amazing income. 

Here are some more reasons to start a YouTube channel:

  • You don’t exactly need any particular skills or equipment.
  • There are multiple ways to generate income through a YouTube channel.
  • You can even talk about basic stuff like productivity and college life. 
  • A successful YouTube channel has tons of other advantages. Like personal branding, generating full-time income, and so on. 

How to get started: 

  • If you don’t own a DSLR or fancy equipment, you can start with your smartphone and a cheap tripod. 
  • Decide your topic and stick to it. 
  • Learn basic editing skills.
  • Maintain the consistency and give it some time. 

8. Virtual assistant

A lot of people don’t know about this freelancing job. But it’s a well-paying business. A virtual assistant is someone who takes care of the administrative support for an individual. VAs are basically executive secretaries but they work from their homes. Their duties include bookkeeping, email management, data entry, calendar management, and so on.

Here are some reasons to go for it:

  • Few people opt for this role—making it less competitive.
  • Current scenarios led to increasing in the demand even more.
  • You don’t need any special skills to become a virtual assistant.

How to get started:

  • Choose the number of services you are going to offer.
  • Create a website and social media presence. (you can always create a free website.)
  • There are many platforms where you can offer your services—Flexjobs, Fiver, UpWork, Freelancer are some popular options. 

9. Photographer

While the video might be the hottest content right now, photography has a whole different marketplace. Quality pictures are needed for social media, blogs, and other places. The demand for taking high-quality photos and editing them is much needed. 

Some reasons:

  • It’s a highly satisfying job in terms of creativity. 
  • There are multiple niches to choose from. Like stock photography, product photographer, and so on. 

How to get started:

  • Learn the basics of photography and start taking photos. 
  • You can learn from YouTube and other resources for free.
  • You can start taking pictures from your smartphones but if you can, buying a DSLR will give you an edge. 
  • Put these pictures together and create a portfolio. 
  • Start exploring different freelancing websites. 
  • You can also sell your stock photos on websites likes ShutterstockDreamstimeGettyImages, and so on. 

10. Niche Blogger

It simply means to create a website and start writing blogs for a particular topic. If you want, you can go for general topics as well. But it takes a lot of time before you can monetize the blog. Therefore, if you can attract enough traffic, you can generate a good source of passive income all from your dorm room. 

More reasons to start:

  • You can start with a really small budget.
  • Niche websites have less competitions hence they are easy to rank. 
  • There are multiple ways to earn money from a niche website. 

How to get started:

  • Buy a domain name and a hosting plan. 
  • Install WordPress and basic themes. (they are free.).
  • Choose a niche topic. 
  • Go for a topic that has three things: knowledge, passion, and profitability. 
  • Start writing your blogs and be consistent about it. 
  • You can read tons of free blogs and watch YouTube videos on blogging. 
  • Once, you see enough traffic, start putting some ads to generate income. 


There are several more freelance jobs for students available, but these are some of the most profitable, demanding, and easy-to-start freelancing jobs available right now.

These options are not limited to your student life only, you can leverage these freelancing jobs as a full-time career also.

However, remember to implement your learning and take action every single day! 

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