How to Become a Cloud Architect – Your Final Guide

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Cloud architecture is one of the hottest jobs right now. In both tech and cloud words, it is the 2nd most in-demand skill set according to data. So if you have skills like cloud expertise, which includes computing, security, and architecture, things will stay rosy for you. 

And according to LinkedIn, there are over 138,000 Cloud Computing jobs in the United States alone. Therefore, a career as a cloud architect is not only demanding, but it’s also one of the highest-paid tech jobs.

So if you’re wondering — how to become a cloud architect? We are going to answer everything. And by the end of the blog, you’ll have in-depth knowledge about cloud architect and how to build your career in it. 

Interested? Let’s dig deeper. 

What is Cloud Architecture

This is going to be a key factor for — how to become a cloud architect. And to understand the basics of cloud architecture, you need to have an idea about the architecture of cloud computing first. 

The architecture of cloud computing refers to the components required for Cloud Computing. The Cloud Computing architecture is made up of several components, including a network, frontend and backend platforms, and cloud-based delivery. The cloud architecture differs slightly from the architectures we’ve previously learned about. It is simply a formal computing discipline concerned with the design, composition, and orchestration of systems.

Now that we an idea about the architecture of cloud computing, let’s understand cloud architecture. 

Cloud architects are in charge of an organization’s cloud computing infrastructure, which is becoming more complex as cloud technology becomes more complex. Cloud computing infrastructure includes the front-end platforms, servers, storage, distribution, and networks needed to handle cloud storage.

This was perhaps a short answer. Let’s learn what Cloud Architecture really does on a practical level. 

What does a Cloud Architect do? 

Up next with, how to become a cloud architect, learning about the job roles and responsibilities of a cloud architect is a must.

Cloud Architects’ key role is to translate a project’s technological requirements into design and architecture, directing the development of the final product. Furthermore, they serve as a connection between the company’s complex cloud challenges and solutions. Besides that, they collaborate with other departments within the company, such as Developers and Engineers, to ensure that the technology being developed is effective.

Cloud architects create the cloud environment based on the needs of the company. These professionals are in charge of monitoring the Cloud Computing strategy, which includes application design and architecture, cloud adoption plans, and cloud deployments.

Now that we’ve got a good idea of what the work entails, let’s move on to the next step. Let’s understand the responsibilities of a cloud architect. This will give you a brief idea of what to expect when you are learning — how to become a cloud architect.

Responsibilities of a Cloud Architect

We can divide the responsibilities between a daily basis level and main or high-level responsibilities.

Responsibilities of a cloud architect on a daily basis

  • Establishing cloud best practices throughout the organization.
  • Evaluation of applications, software, and hardware.
  • Putting together a “cloud broker team”.
  • Choosing cloud providers and researching third-party services.
  • Oversee governance and risk mitigation.
  • Working with operations on a large scale.
  • Budget management and cost estimation.
  • Collaboration with IT security to monitor privacy and develop incident-response procedures is essential.

High-level responsibilities of a cloud architect

  • Creating a culture of cloud adoption
  • Creating a cloud strategy and overseeing the adaptation process
  • Creating and managing cloud architecture

Up next, let’s uncover the skills required on — how to become a cloud architect.

Skills requite to become a Cloud Architect

Cloud architecture is a highly technical job. Therefore, having skills and a background in cloud computing would ease your pathway of becoming a cloud engineer. But if you don’t have any knowledge about any related skill or background, then you can start with the guide we are listing below. These skills will help you build a solid base structure during the initial days of your career.

Learn these initial skills:

1. Understanding of networking concepts such as TCP/IP, IP addresses, HTTP, and DNS. Before pursuing a career as a cloud architect, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with these concepts.

2. At least one operating system (Linux, Unix, Solaris, Ubuntu, Windows) is needed. Previous experience as an administrator or architect with any of the well-known operating systems is also beneficial.

3. Since cloud security is so critical, a Cloud Architect must have a high-level understanding of key security concepts. As a result, a basic understanding of security concepts such as firewalls is needed.

4. A basic understanding of a programming or scripting language is needed. This is possibly not needed, but it will undoubtedly assist.

These were the basic or initial skills required on — how to become a cloud architect. However, if you want to work as a professional, you’ll need professional skills. And your expertise will be focused on three of the most common cloud architecture career paths. There are three platforms on which these career paths are built:

  1. Microsoft Azure
  2. Amazon Web Service (AWS)
  3. Google Cloud Platform 

What next?

In order to peruse a career in any of the above platforms, you need to pass a certification test. If you complete the certification test, you will have access to a plethora of new career opportunities, some of which you may not have considered before. Without the assistance of AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform Certified Solutions Architects, some of the world’s most ambitious big data companies will be unable to achieve their goals. Therefore, starting with the above options is crucial for becoming a cloud engineer.

Job Titles for a Cloud Architect

We’ve come a long way on our path on — how to become a cloud architect. Let’s talk about the career opportunities available to you. There are a variety of work profiles you can pursue after becoming a certified cloud architect, here are the most popular ones:

  • Azure Cloud Architect
  • Service Cloud Architect
  • Security Architect
  • AWS Specialist
  • Solutions Architect
  • AWS Cloud Solutions Architect
  • Senior IT Architect
  • Data Architect


We have covered every necessary step on — how to become a cloud architect. The in-depth knowledge will help you jump-start your career in cloud architecture. 

Cloud architecture is an exceptional career and you’ve decided to go for it, you won’t regret it. 

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