How to Quit Smoking Easily – Take 5 Actions

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Remember how cool it used to be to light up your cigarette and talk with your friends like it was nothing. The flame burning your cigarette and you getting the first hit of nicotine and everything feels easy. Until now! Now you’re just smoking for the sake of smoking. Because it’s a habit now and it’s almost impossible to go back.

Now it’s just the burnt aftertaste of tar and dizziness. And we haven’t mentioned the elephant in the room—the bad health effects. But if you’re here, you probably already know that cigarette carries some 4,000 different compounds which are devastating to your health.

Therefore, we are not going to tell all those facts about why smoking cigarette is bad. Rather, we are here to help you out in making the quitting process comfortable. So that this time, you actually get rid of that tobacco-filled stick that is ruining your life.

How to quit smoking – 5 easy actions you can start taking right now:

Let your Friends and Family Help

Most of the time, the very reason you even started smoking is because of your friends. The decision was yours of course but peer pressure made you do many things. Therefore, it only makes sense if you can include them with your ‘how to quit smoking’ journey.

The best way to do that is to declare with your inner circle, that you are quitting smoking. So that they don’t invite you into a setting where people are blowing smoke. You must also stop going to places where you usually use to smoke. This will prevent your brain to start craving nicotine whenever you get reminded of old places.

Apart from your friends, family members can also become a great support system. Make your family a part of your daily habits. So that they can keep in touch with you. Not only you wouldn’t want to smoke in front of them, but your family can offer emotional, support whenever you need it.

Replace your Eating Habits

Remember the cravings you get after eating a nice meaty dinner? It’s actually has been found in a study, that smokers are more inclined to smoke after such a meal. Other than that, it’s also a well-known fact that every kind of addiction withdrawal has an indirect association with what you eat. Plus, it’s seriously harmful.

So the solution is plain and simple. Replace that non-veg burger with a veg one. There are other such substances that either make you smoke or you have a habit to smoke with. For instance, you must have noticed the combination of cigarettes with soda or caffeinated beverages. Therefore, try water or juice, you will be hydrated also.

If you find the after-meal craving hard, add something to your habits. For example, do something fun and easy after eating. Maybe sit with your family, or play your favorite sport. Anything, which beats the old ritual.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)

The addictive substance in tobacco is nicotine. Not only nicotine is one of the most addictive substances, but you also get free toxins when you light a cigarette. That is why when you quit smoking, you get shocking and discomforting withdrawal symptoms.

Other symptoms include tingling in hands and feet, coughing and sore throat, weight gain, nausea, insomnia, cravings, constipation, mood swings, etc. But these can be taken care of through nicotine replacement therapy. Which can be used in the form of patches, inhalers, sprays, and gums.

From the options, patches work slower but it also lasts longer compared to other products. When the cravings are intense, a combination of the mentioned products is used for the best results.

Different Therapies and Support Groups

The main idea is to indulge yourself in other activities that are good enough to distract you from going back to smoking. One such example is behavioral therapy. It can help you to take up a different way of life. You can also learn something new, something worthwhile.

Hypnosis is another example that can help you to stay calm while learning how to quit smoking. Which is rather difficult. You can also look for acupuncture which releases endorphins so you can feel relaxed.

Joining a support group helps a lot of people to fight the battle. As mutual understanding can really help to get along.

Count Your Reasons

We can go on with a couple of other ways on how to quit smoking. But nothing would work if you are not motivated enough. So ask yourself why you want to stop smoking. Give yourself some solid reasons to count.

Like you might want to start a family, or you always wanted to become an athlete. Or it’s just about being conscious about your physical health.

Whatever floats your boat. Just enough to get started and keep going. Make a proper list of why you want to quit smoking. And look forward to these reasons whenever you feel like giving up.


Quitting smoking is hard and you shouldn’t make it harder like going for cold turkey. There are less painful ways which we have covered. And once you start implementing these methods, you start getting positive feedbacks instantly.

Quitting smoking has tremendous health benefits: you get to live 10 more years which you could have lost otherwise. You can prevent 16 types of cancer. And the most amazing thing, you start seeing immediate health benefits.

In our guide on – how to quit smoking, We have covered the easiest and simplest methods to never touch tobacco again and for very good reasons. Remember to stay optimistic and thoughtful.

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