11 Low Competition Freelancing Websites You Should Join Right Now

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Most popular freelancing websites like UpWork, Freelancer, Fiverr, Guru, etc are great. Great for people who already made it there but it’s not easy for new freelancers to score a client. 

It’s just because of the simple reason: too much competition. So what do you do to co-compete with these experienced freelancers who are absolutely killing it? 

Offer cheaper prices or even offer services for free? We don’t recommend that. Rather, do what the most successful freelancers did. They joined these popular freelancing websites when they were not much saturated. 

Join low-competition freelancing websites that are still new. These websites do not have tens of millions of freelancers computing for clients. 

We’ve carefully picked all these websites. These low-competition freelancing sites will help you build a reputation so that you can build long-term relationships with clients. The best part: you don’t have to lower your rates just because you’re new in the industry. Or just because you have to fight with the competition. 

With that, here goes the list. Enjoy!

1. VirtualVocations

Low competition freelancing: VirtualVocations

Starting, VirtualVocations is a freelance job board with a constantly updated list of freelance jobs and remote position openings at reputable companies. The low-competition freelancing website offers a variety of ways to search for a job that matches your abilities. The UI is simple and setting up your profile is pretty easy. 

2. SkipTheDrive

Low competition freelancing: SkipTheDrive

As a job board for various industries, SkipTheDrive is another lesser-known freelancing site. From the finance industry to project management to programming, this freelance marketplace has a wide range of jobs to choose from. The platform is still new with growing freelancers, but it’s getting popular every day. Make sure you take advantage. 

3. CareerGig 

Low competition freelancing: Careergig

You might think that this low-competition freelancing website must be like Fiverr because of the name ‘gig’, but it’s not true. When we hear gig, we think that it must be a place where you’ve to sell your gigs in a vastly saturated marketplace, but not here. There are many high-paying jobs for freelancers on this new site. The available categories include accounting, marketing, customer survival, design, finance, healthcare, writing, tech, and so on. 

4. Worksome

Low competition freelancing: Worksome

Worksome is trusted by some of the biggest companies like Unilever, Deloitte, Pepsi, and so on. That’s why it also has a reputation to maintain – it doesn’t accept every freelancer’s profile. But if you’re skilled in what you do, which we assume you already do, then this website will help you land high-paying clients. Worksome prefers quality over quantity, it only has around 30000 freelancers. Also, if you’re from the UK, you’ll get extra benefits as the website promotes local UK talents. 

5. Rev

Low competition freelancing: Rev

You can join Rev for a particular type of service only. The low competition freelancing websites provides transcription and caption services to podcasters and YouTubers. Therefore, you can offer freelancing services if you’re a transcriber. Again, if you’re into this business, there are other popular websites like TranscribeMe and Scribie but they are saturated. So If you’re good at listening to audio speech and converting it to text, this platform is a great place to start if you are looking to offer your freelancing services. 

6. Zeerk

Low competition freelancing: Zeerk

If you’re into content creation, you’ll like this platform. Zeerk’s popular categories include social media marketing, SEO, content writing, copywriting, graphic designing, email marketing, and it has other jobs as well related to web development, IT, and marketing. The low competition freelancing website offers a system where you can sell your services from $4 to $200. The website is the best know for micro-freelancing jobs and is fairly new. You can sign up for free and you’ll be charged from 8% to 20% of what you’ll make. 

7. Microlancer

Low competition freelancing: Microlancer

The is going to be one of the most unique freelancing websites you’ll ever come across. So when you complete a task on Microlancer, instead of getting paid in your currency, you’ll get paid in Bitcoin. Fascinating right? If you’re someone who already invests in cryptocurrency or wants to earn money through it, you can start working with Microlancer. However, you can’t offer your regular freelancing services here. Most of the tasks you’d be given here are random and easy to get done. 

8. Twine

Low competition freelancing: Twine

You’ll instantly love Twine if you’re into creative fields. That is if you offer freelancing services like graphic designs, illustrations, music, animation, and so on. However, you can also offer other freelancing services like social media marketing, development, business & startups, etc. The best part about Twine, for now, is they don’t charge a commission when you earn money. 

9. CloudPeeps 

Low competition freelancing: CloudPeers

ClouPeeps is low competitive freelancing website because they have maintained to onboard only highly skilled freelancers. The website lets you sell all kinds of popular freelancing services which are high-paying. This includes SEO, copywriting, digital marketing, design, and so on. The website is really trusted and establish already – people from some of the biggest companies find freelancers here. You can join the website for free and start working; however, the platform will charge 15% every time you make a sale. 

10. The Freelancer Club

Low competition freelancing: TheFreelancerClub

Another lesser-known site from the UK is The Freelancer Club. When you sign up for a freelancer account, you will be given two options: free and paid. The free version has limitations, but the £11.99 per month premium plan allows users to bid on an unlimited number of projects, rank higher on the charts, and gain access to business directories, among other things. As the name implies, the platform is geared toward the freelancer community, where you can showcase your portfolio and build a reputation.

11. Boonle

Low competition freelancing: Boonle

The last on our list of the low-competition freelancing website is Boonle. Another website which has a totally different concept. The website is extremely useful for US students who want to make a side income or even full-time income working as a freelancer. As the website says, “Finding talented freelancers is difficult. At Boonle, we put motivated, hard-working college students to work on your project.” As can create your free profiles and start offering freelancing services like graphic designing, writing, SEO, web development, and so on. 


There are many talented freelancers who provide excellent services, but they do not get a chance due to the high competition on popular freelancing websites.

And many people will be able to relate. As a result, if you are experiencing the same issue, we recommend that you visit these websites.

These low-competition freelance websites enable you to sell a wide range of freelancing services. Because these websites are relatively new, few people are aware of them. So, if you can build a good portfolio, you can start earning money right away

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