Warning: 15 Things You Need to Stop Wasting time On

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“If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of.”

Bruce Lee

So it’s not just about wasting 30 minutes, you also lost your life of 30 minutes that you’ll never get back. Waste of time is subjective but you and I can agree on this:

Waste of time is anything that doesn’t add any kind of real value to your life. It doesn’t bring peace, joy, money, love, satisfaction, gratitude, compassion, or anything else. 

And it’s not hard to guess that we still waste a big chunk of our time every single day. The sad truth is – that same time could have been used in so many different productive ways

Some of the time-wasters are very personal, while others can be brought by others. One thing would, however, be in common. You would have control over these activities in almost all cases because, at the end of the day, no one can force you to waste time on something that has no value in your life.

Although there are numerous ways in which we waste time, we will focus on the 21 most common. These are not only common, but also deadly. Here’s the rundown.

1. Worrying that everybody thinks about you all the time 

Here is a reasonable truth. Nobody thinks about you more than you do. It’s the same for everybody else. We are the most important for ourselves so we assume everything from our own perspective. Therefore, stop taking yourself too seriously. Have fun, be stupid sometimes and forget yourself. If you did something stupid publicly and now you can’t get over it, just laugh over it and move on. 

2. Self-deception or living in denial 

Sometimes we know the truth but choose not to say it aloud because doing so would require us to act on it. And the more you try to flee from this situation, the worse it becomes. Accept your failures, lies, problems, or anything else that is preventing you from moving forward.

3. A life path that just feels wrong 

Sometimes we become overly logical, sacrificing our emotional needs in order to make a decision, only to discover that something doesn’t add up. Making rational decisions is important, but some decisions also necessitate meeting your emotional needs. As a result, if you’ve chosen a path that simply feels wrong, take a step back. Life is too short, and there will be no second chances. Take the paths that feel right to you.

4. Trying to impress everyone

Life is diverse. We know a different kinds of people and we also know that we don’t get along with everybody we meet. So if that’s the case, why should we have to like everybody. You should only be concerned with a small group of people whom you genuinely love and appreciate. And you don’t have to be concerned about anyone else. You can’t please everyone; someone will be let down along the way. So don’t push yourself too hard. First and foremost, maintain harmony with yourself. All you can do is treat people with love and respect.

5. Caring about what others think 

You need to stop caring what other people think. We lose too much time impressing people we don’t even know. We buy clothes, take rich-looking selfies, and try to live a lifestyle that is mostly materialistic. Why? So that the other person would think we are cool. If that’s the case, you need to drop the act. If you want to buy nice clothes, buy them only because you want to take care of yourself – care about your own views. 

6. Fear of taking risks 

Fear of anything holds us back. We get too comfortable that we don’t take steps because these steps will force us into uncertainty. However, until you don’t see the other side, you will lose all the time. Every great human being who ever existed took small and big risks. Develop self-confidence, calculate the risk, and take a step into the unknown. The only way to discover what’s behind the hidden door is to open that door and see for yourself. 

7. Hanging out with pessimistic people

Remember that negative people are self-doubters; they are unable to achieve their goals because they believe they will fail. That is why they tell you that you will also fail. You can’t win every time, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. That is, after all, how you learn. Be positive in your life. People who believed in their ideas, goals, and destinations altered the course of history.

8. Doubting and second-guessing yourself

Some decisions are too hard to take. There’s either risk involve or we are uncertain of the future situation. Well, in that case, you should always take the first step and see what happens. The first step is the smallest step you can take to check how things unfold and they mostly end up being positive. It’s better to take some action than to waste time being confused and having second doubts.

9. Running behind people who break your heart

You need to understand this – you can’t allow people to come and go from your life. It’s better to be lonely and work on self-development than to get heartbroken. Don’t let these people play with your emotions, you lose time and mental strength. It’s not worth it. Don’t allow people to play with your peace. 

10. Waiting for the perfect time

Most of the time, the perfect time would be the ‘now time’. And you’d clearly know that it’s now or never. Take the action and be decisive because life is too short. The time will fly and you’d realize that it’s too late already. So before that happens, do it anyway. Because perfect doesn’t exist, it will never come.

11. Crushing yourself with resentment 

Weakness is not forgiving people, it’s avoiding the fact that people hurt you. Resentment is a pretty dark place, nobody goes there but you, nobody knows how painful it is but you. Therefore, confront your resentments as soon as possible. Tell the person that they did something bad to you and if they are really sorry for their actions, forgive them and try to move on. Resentment is like untreated wounds, it only gets worse. 

12. Having hateful thoughts 

Ask yourself why do you feel that way. Work on your character. Try not to lie and tell the truth. People remember you for your kindness and how you treated them. You’ll earn respect and hopefully, you won’t have any negative thoughts for anyone. Set your own goals, be so focused that you make yourself proud. Practice kindness and make yourself busy. You won’t even have time to get negative thoughts. 

13. Thinking about the regretful past

Sometimes the past is too painful to not regret or morn about. And you don’t have to forget the past. You need to accept the past, make it a chapter and in your life and then try to focus on your present and future life. It’s so important to let go of the past in this manner. Because you are not only wasting a lot of time, but you will never be able to enjoy the ‘now’ time. 

14. Close-minded judgments

Never block opportunities for learning. You can’t make good decisions and judgments without knocking the full truth. Try to see both sides. Things are sometimes grey. Or at least you have to see the grey color to fully understand what’s going on. To learn more before you open your mouth. The more you’ll understand the situation the less you’ll speak. And honestly, it’s better to be quiet than to hurt someone. 

15. The needless drama you bear 

If you find yourself in situations where you just feel like it’s not necessary, walk away. You don’t have to waste your time getting involved in the nonsense. Respect your time, be wise and distance yourself. 


The truth is that you know like it at all. You dislike the sensation of squandering your time. It consumes too much negative energy and leaves you feeling depressed at the end of the day.

So make your decision right now. Do you still want to engage in all of the time-wasting activities we mentioned, or are you more concerned with your time and mental peace?

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