Build Rock-Solid Self Confidence: Take only 5 Actions

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Self confidence is an approach to your strengths and abilities. It means that you accept and trust yourself and have a sense of control over your life. Meaning: you understand your strengths and shortcomings and you have a good opinion of who you are. It also means you have reasonable goals and priorities, and you can absorb criticism as well.

Whether it is low self-esteem or rock-solid self confidence—both are linked to your skills. Self-confidence is something that can be practiced and mastered over a period of time. Because nobody is born with infinite self-confidence. And if someone appears to have immense self-confidence, that’s because he or she has been working on developing it for years.

Why You Need Self-Confidence?

Now that you do understand the concept of self confidence and might think that it’s beneficial in some way or another—but you’re still not aware of its real power though. That is why you must understand the true worth of developing self confidence. And to begin with, here are points worth mentioning:

  • Because you need to be confident enough in any group discussion so that you can share your opinions with authentic sincerity.
  • Because you need to be prepared for the uncertainty and the inherent discomfort it brings. Self-confidence will provide a relaxed, and peaceful state of mind during these situations.
  • Because you’re worthy enough to position yourself in the first place.
  • You need to be sure that you can take advantage of the challenges that exist beyond your comfort zone.
  • Because you might have any type of personality traits in which you need to accept yourself. You don’t need to copy anyone or compare yourself.

Take these Actions to Build Self-Confidence

Pretty powerful reasons, right? Now that you understand ‘why’ and ‘what’, you must be excited to know-‘how’. Meaning: let’s find out how you can develop the rock-solid self-confidence we have been talking about:

1. Start with What You Already Have

How many times do we forget to count our accomplishments if something goes wrong—almost always! Therefore, writing down all the attainments and abilities is always motivating. Counting our blessings can even help us to overcome difficult situations. This will also boost your self-esteem and It’s going to make you a track to run on.

When you know your abilities and you focus on them, your self-confidence is at the peak. Everyone has a special power and understanding where your power lies, can help to build your self-confidence. It’s also the secret to your personal growth.

2. Comparison is Not Healthy

Social media is filled with successful people—everybody is on vacation, living the best time of their lives. But nobody posts their failures—what’s hidden underneath the iceberg. Therefore it is inevitable that you feel jealous. It is well research that jealous and how one feels about oneself are co-related. And the more jealous they experience, the worst they feel about life. That could be a vicious circle. So you don’t have to go-round with the same circle.

Rather, pay attention to occasions where you compare your wealth, possessions, talents, accomplishments, and qualities with others. Thinking that other people are better—weakens your self-confidence. You must make your plans, you must embrace what you have right now. And once you accept your position, only then you can start your new journey. A journey towards a better end. Because in the end, we are running our own races, and life isn’t a competition—it’s about the journey of our own.

3. Be In-charge of your Mindset

During moments like presentations or when we meet with new people, we often get stressed out of uncertainty, because we’re doing it with the wrong mindset. However, the good thing about our mindset is that we can change it at every given moment. If you are faced with a new situation, it is important to remember that your brain is not going to be pleased about it. Tease your brain into the right state of mind before you can turn up and become the life and soul of the crowd. Of course, this will not be easy at first, but with practice, you’ll be astounded to carry your mind to the correct mindset.

So next time when you are in such situations—situations where you just don’t feel the courage to take action. Ask this simple question: “What little step can I take right now to bring me closer to the mindset that I need?”And believe us, your mind will give answers. The point being, take a simple step forward so that you can keep going.

4. Stop Chasing Perfection

How many times did you not ask your crush to go out? Or just couldn’t gain the courage to ask for an appraisal? Plenty, right? Reason: insecurity and perfection. But sometimes, you just act on the moment, you just ask her out, you just ask for an appraisal, and so on. Because we need to take action, otherwise the perfect moment is never going to happen. Practice doing it anyway if the doubts stem from a lack of self-confidence.

Whether you’re scared you’re going to embarrass yourself or think you’re going to mess up, attempt it anyway. However, that doesn’t mean you’re not going to plan or train yourself, of course, you will do that. likewise, if you are serious about the appraisal, practice in front of your friends and family to build more confidence. But don’t wait until everything seems perfect. You might miss the chance.

5. Plan You Life

Finally, how would you be full of confidence if you don’t have the course of life in which you’re going to make progress? We’re not asking for the blueprint of your life. Rather, just ask this question to yourself: “What do I want out of my life?” This question shall be enough for your outlook on life. Remember, it should include both your personal and professional life. Which means your work, happiness, family, health, finance, passion project, and so on.

All you have to do is, grab a piece of paper or open a word document and start making a rough plan. Start from short-term to long-term goals. Mention every detail in it, it won’t make sense when you’re making the rough plans. But eventually, when you start narrowing things down, you will start seeing your future life. However, it’s very important to start taking small actions once you have made the notes.


If your confidence hinders your job or social life—it’s a high time you consider building self-confidence. As you continue to practice these 5 steps regularly—you will start noticing changes within yourself, you will start trusting yourself more often.

Building rock-solid confidence doesn’t mean you’re never going to feel any anxiety or uneasiness, it just means sooner or later, you’re going to conquer it anyway. But the most important part is—taking action!

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