10 Highest Paying Tech Jobs For Securing Your Future

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Factors like Covid-19 and the vast amount of online data consumption pushed the boundaries of Information technology even further. This led to open a plethora of jobs which are not only the highest-paying tech jobs but are going to stay for a lot while.

So if you’re an IT professional, or looking for a career change, these highest paying tech jobs will help you to future-proofing.

Excited? Here are the 10 highest-paying jobs in IT that are going to make you rich.

1. Data Scientist

Big names in finance and other reports agree that data scientist is perhaps the sexiest job of the 21st century. Making it the highest-paying tech jobs in 2021 and beyond.

According to a report by Indeed, the demand for data scientists has incensed by 29% and an unbelievably 344% increase since 2013.

Data scientists compile and clean massive amounts of data, and they attempt to create a user-friendly dashboard for data analysis in order to execute tests and algorithms that they show to various stakeholders.

Data scientists apply their knowledge of technology, social science, statistics, mathematics, market experimentation, and some intuition. To find patterns that will aid them in discovering solutions to complex company problems.

The average base salary for a data scientist is 96,494 USD in the United States and nearly 9,000,000 INR in India.

If you’re looking to start a career in data science, we’ve compiled a detailed yet digestible guide already. Have a look.

2. Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Architect

An IoT solutions architect is one of the most in-demand and highest-paying tech jobs today. The IoT solutions architect is in charge of overseeing the strategy underlying the development and deployment of IoT solutions.

These professionals work on practical uses and applications of internet of things technology. To facilitate process development, the IoT solutions architect typically collaborates with engineers and salespeople.

In simple terms, The Internet of Things Architect leads the charge, utilizing the massive amount of data collected by various devices on the Internet to solve business problems.

These professionals make a huge sum of 104,964  USD as their average salary per year. And in India, it’s 1,701,529 INR per year.

If you are interested in starting your career as an IoT architect, we recommend you to read our full guide.

3. Cloud Architect

Another highest-paying tech job is cloud architect. Cloud architects are information technology (IT) gurus who manage a company’s cloud computing system.

These IT professionals create a company’s computing strategy which includes plans for cloud adoption, cloud application design, and cloud management. While also ensuring proper application architecture and deployments in the cloud environment.

In India, the average salary of a cloud architect is 1,960,786 INR per annum. While it is 131,306 USD in the United States for the same job.

Like many other entries we mentioned here, cloud computing has different job roles and the average salary varies accordingly. Cloud developer, cloud system operations administrator, and cloud automation engineer are some of the best options available in this field.

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4. Full-Stack Developer

Although it is true that any specialist with expertise in their fields would enjoy high demands. This is even accurate when it comes to full-stack developers.

As the surge in technology keeps touching new heights, tech companies seek developers who can take care of both front and back-end development. This is a prime reason why the demand for full-stack developers is going crazy. Hence, making it one of the highest-paying tech jobs without a doubt.

These professionals can create both clients as well as server software. Full-stack developers are also able to perform tons of other jobs which can be a job in itself. Examples being, developing a browser, creating a server, and a lot more.

The average salary in India is 572,500 INR and 108,220 USD in the United States. Salary varies here as well, depending on job roles and other factors.

5. Blockchain Engineer 

Blockchain engineers create decentralized applications and oversee the entire network. They design, research, develop and implement architecture and solutions using blockchain technologies.

The blockchain industry is really hot now. So hot that Gartner predicts the business value of Blockchain technology will exceed $3 trillion by 2030. It’s due to the blockchain adoption by all major industries and businesses in the world.

Therefore, for making a career in this domain. IT professionals should hold skills like programming, understanding of tech such as ripple, R3, ethereum, and bitcoin.

When it comes to the salary part, it’s definitely going to go upwards only. But for now, according to a CNBC report, “Blockchain engineers are making between 150,000 USD and 175,000 USD in annual salaries on average. “

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6. Product Manager

Product managers are the cool people in the IT industry. As the name implies, they are in charge of a product’s journey from development to understanding the needs of the customer and how that product will meet those needs.

These individuals play an important role in technology industries. They are so important that they define product strategy, roadmap, feature set, marketing, forecasting, and other responsibilities.

Some of the key skills needed to become a product manager are as follows: Communication abilities, technical expertise, business abilities, research abilities, analytic skills, technical skills, marketing abilities, and so on.

Product management is among the highest paying tech jobs as the average yearly salary is over 100,000 USD. In India, it’s as high as 1,500,000 INR per annum. In the USA, the average base salary is 109,000 USD per year.

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7. Software Architect

A software architect is a software developer who collaborates with a team of software engineers to design and implement solutions for different organizations. Executive software design choices are made by these professionals. Software architect plays the roles of planner, developer, and communicator.

A software architect optimizes the development process by making design choices and dictating technical requirements such as coding, techniques, and platforms.

Some of the key skills you will need to become a software architect includes Programming abilities, knowledge of user interfaces, concept ability, and good communication skills.

The average base salary of a software architect in India is 12,47,920 INR per year. Whereas In the USA, it’s about 125,558 USD.

8. Mobile Application Developer

A mobile application developer comes under software development and they produce applications for an operating system like android’s play store, Apple’s iOS, and other platforms. Also called as IOS developer and Android developer.

These professionals create user interfaces to enhance the user experience. They also work with the product development team to come up with new features to enhance usability and functionality. 

Mobile app developers are experts when it comes to the user interface. Other than that, they also possess technical skills related to cross-platform app development, backend computing, modern language programming, cybersecurity, and other such skills.

Mobile app developers also come under the list of highest-paying tech jobs. In India, the average salary is 428,660  INR but after more experience and expertise, it can increase a lot more. Under mobile application development, there are various roles and the salary also varies accordingly. Therefore, you can visit Indeed to have a look.

9. Big Data Engineer

As the Internet grows in popularity, more data is produced. Every day, we generate roughly 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. Therefore, over 97 percent of businesses are investing in Big Data and AI to leverage and gain insights from such large quantities of data.

The reason why this profession made to our list. Big data engineers design and operates a company’s big data systems and resources. They also understand how to easily extract information from such large volumes of data.

There are some obvious reasons why big data engineer is among the highest paying tech jobs. One example is that leading businesses rely on big data analysis to inform their decision-making processes. This gives them the advantage to compete with their rivals.

In the USA, the national average salary is 100,148 USD. Whereas it is 672,822 USD per year for big data engineers in India. 

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10. Information Security Analyst

Security information analysts monitor network computer systems to prevent potential violations of security. For this to happen, they take many protocols. They start by installing security controls, investigating security breaches, performing penetration testing. documenting them, and repairing vulnerabilities,

Talking about skills. These professionals need analytical ability, administering Information security software & controls, analyzing security system logs. A good understanding of proxies and IDPS (Intrusion Detection and Prevention System) concepts is a must.

There are many roles under this domain. Some of them worth mentioning are cybersecurity analysts, Information security managers, cybersecurity engineers, security architects, applications, security engineers, network security engineers, and so on.

The average base salary of an information securing analyst is 72,804 USD per year in the USA. Talking about India, it’s 563,374 INR per year.

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These were the top 10 Highest paying tech jobs that are not going to go anywhere. Therefore, this is a perfect list for making your IT career future-proof.

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