7 Unique And Best Productivity Websites for Students

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Being productive as a student is not that simple. Most students are not just students. You could be studying while also working as a freelancer.

If not freelancing, then a side project or a part-time job. The point is that things can get out of hand at times. Because there is simply too much chaos. You need to achieve so many things but the time is limited.

And the best way to overcome the chaos is to reclaim the order. Therefore getting things done in less amount of time is the key. This is where productivity tools come into play.

In fact, we’ve already made a list of the best productivity apps and chrome extensions. So we wanted to make a similar list for the website also.

Following that, here are the best productivity websites for students.

1. StudyStream

According to the psychology of mimicry or mirroring, it’s easier for us to do something if some else is doing the same. This productivity website for students uses the same concept. With studyStream, you can join a 24/7 virtual focus room where students from all over the world live stream their studying sessions.

In simple words, you can study with other people online. The community doesn’t just stop at live streaming. You can also receive a newsletter and other productive tips to stay focused.

The founder of this productivity website includes famous YouTuber and content creator, Ali Abdal and other such creators. So far, more than 100k students have joined the session.

2. AlternativeTo

The website has a really cool concept. It helps you find an alternative to a tool, software, or app. Let’s say you want to find an alternative to Quora for some reason. Simply type Quora in the search box and you’ll be given 3 suggestions that are similar to Quora.

If you are thinking that the results might be biased or sponsored, then you’re wrong. Because all of the suggestions are made by members of the community. This means that you, too, can vote and provide feedback and suggestions.

Overall, this productivity website will ensure that you don’t waste time researching and testing new apps or software only to be let down. Making you productive in the long run.

3. Mint

It’s hard to track your spending as a student or young freelancer. It takes time and patience to learn the technicalities of budgeting. But not anymore — try using Mint. 

Mint offers free services to help you track and organize your spending. Mint syncs with your bank accounts and credit card to help you track your savings and other funds. And based on that, it will create a daily budget planner which will make you mindful of your spendings. 

Mint also has a free app that will help you reach your financial goals. Moreover, you don’t have to create complicated excel sheets anymore. Mint also includes customizable templates and a plethora of other free features.

4. Notion

We are aware that you might already know about the tool. However, we don’t want to take any chances. Notion is by far one of the best productivity websites for students. It allows you to take notes, collaborate, and perform other similar tasks.

Notion is extremely powerful, yet it is free to access. You can use different templates based on your project. You can add audio, video, lists, code snippets, and so on. On top of that, it is highly customizable.

Notion has a website as well as apps for both Android and iOS. You can even create notebooks and add them into folders. Syncing everything across the devices also works like a charm.

5. Freedom

Don’t we have bad habits of checking social media even when we are studying? We take a 5-minute break but end up scrolling through Instagram reels for hours. And it’s not because of you, it’s how most of the entertaining platforms are designed. Therefore, what if you can simply block these temptations?

This is where the productivity website for students comes in handy. Use Freedom to block websites, games, social media, and everything else that steals your precious time. Basically, the productivity website helps you take control of your workflow.

Freedom also offers you to schedule your blocking time. Meaning, you can go to the dashboard and configure your blocking sessions.

6. Coffitivity

Group study is great, but what if you simply love your own company? However, when we work or study alone, it gets easy to lose focus because we get bored too quickly. This is why you should listen to ambient music. Depending on the individual, music can help you amplify your workflow.

 So you might be studying from your home, you can still enjoy the pleasure of working out of a cafe. Not just coffee shops, coffitivity offers options like Brazil Bistro, Paris Paradise, University Undertones, and so on.

 Coffitivity simulates the ambient sounds of a cafe to help you be more creative and productive. This productivity website is equally useful if you work remotely.

7. LearnerDoer

LearnerDoer is a modern-day blog that offers practical and actionable guides on self-envelopment. We create content about career, self-help, and productivity.

Therefore when talking about productivity websites for students, it’s a must-have on your list. Under the productivity category, we cover the following topics:

  • Productivity resources
  • Productivity tips, tricks, and hacks
  • Being productive as a student
  • Being productive as a freelancer
  • Staying organized & time management and so on.

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So that was the list of best productivity websites for students. We wanted to create a list of websites because there are times when you don’t want to install another application… In that case, websites are a convenient way to complete a specific task.

However, there is one caveat. All productivity tools and websites are only useful if you use them to complete your tasks. The entire point of researching and creating this type of content is to inspire you and make your tasks a little easier. With that in mind, we hope you will take action and cross items off your to-do list.

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