How to be Productive At Home for Students – 5 Cool Tips

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This question has been a recurring theme since the pandemic – how to be productive at home for students? And even after the pandemic is fully gone, this trend will become part of our culture.

Because a lot of us decides to work and study at the same time. Some of us started freelancing as a beginner, while still being a student. A report shows that 50% of all freelancers in the USA are from Gen Z.

Therefore, you as a student need to be productive—and it’s easier said than done. Because studying online and working from home as a student is bliss. You can walk to class in your pajamas from your bedroom.

You can sip your coffee and hang around—and enjoy the vibe. There’s one problem though, you mostly end up procrastinating rather than getting some work done. Because let’s be honest here; it’s a lot harder to create a productive study routine at home. 

Therefore, we tried to answer – how to be productive at home for students. Here are 5 tried-and-true tricks to be productive at home for students.

1. Music at your work desk

When you’re trying to study at home effectively, you’re faced with different background noise. This creates a distraction every time you try to focus. While you can’t change the environment—you can still change your environment. 

This is where you can introduce yourself with background music. Studies show that music can amplify your productivity especially if it’s ambient noise. Use can listen to unlimited free music on this YouTube channel.

This music is not too catchy to attract your attention and neither too dull to make you sleepy. It’s usually a perfect mix of sound that keeps you hooked. Keep experimenting with different types of background music and find the one that makes your stay focused. You’ll especially find it effective while taking notes or working on your PC.

2. Make coffee work for you

Coffee, if taken in the right amount has several benefits. New studies have found that coffee reduces the risk of all kinds of ailments, such as Parkinson’s disease, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, depression, and so on. Therefore, you can use the coffee to actually be more productive.

As coffee provides you with an extra boost of energy. This helps you stay focused, awake, and alert. Although it depends on person to person, but consuming 1-2 small coffees (200ml) every day can work wonders. (Visit this source for more.)

It is also recommended that you should not sip your coffee right after you wake up. Rather, have it after few hours or in the afternoon. It because of the reason that Caffeine disrupts our cortisol production, making us even more reliant on it. In this way, you can take full advantage of your coffee to stay productive while studying or working.

3. Use productivity tools

Productivity tools help you do the same task in less time. It’s essential for – how to be productive at home for students. Whether you want to take notes—plan your day, create a new habit, and so on. There are some productivity tools that can assist you.

Let’s say you want to take digital notes because it’s simply an easier way to stay organized. For that, you can use note-taking tools like Evernote and Notion. These tools are free and can be super optimized.

We understand the power of productivity tools in a student’s life. Therefore, we have already compiled this list: Best Free Productivity Apps for Students, Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity. To properly take the advantage of these tools, you should follow this guide: Stay Organized as a Student.

4. Take some time to give up bad habits

Working or studying from home provides a lot of me-time; take advantage of that time to reflect. It won’t take long for you to realize that you’ve been engaging in some bad habits. We all do—we just have different levels. 

And because of these bad habits, you might be losing a lot of productive time. You might be spending too much time scrolling through social media. Or there’s always this urge to watch just one episode on Netflix. 

These habits may appear minor at times, but they will keep you from crossing items off your to-do list. The good news is that you can get them under your control. Whatever your curse is, you can let it go and reclaim complete control. This guide will come in handy.

5. Go outside more often

In this guide, how to be productive at home for students, this trick is crucial. We tend to spend so much time with our gadgets that we forgot to go outside. The screen time gets out of control causing eye strain and stress. This causes a counter effect on your overall productivity. 

Therefore, block some time on your schedule to maintain your social life. Meet with your friends and engage in a healthy conversation. If that’s hard to maintain, just have a normal walk around the park. 

The idea is to move physically and get some fresh air. When you’ll get back, your brain cells will be recharged and you’ll feel refreshed. Moreover, just getting outside has many health benefits. As an example, you could improve your sleep, control your anxiety, or boost your immunity.


Productivity is a lifestyle that will help you achieve your dreams. And to make it a lifestyle, you need to create new habits; get rid of bad ones. And watch out how and where you’re spending your time. But this lifestyle is quite expensive—it requires determination and consistency. 

So all you have to do is begin—right now. Take action to help yourself become a better student and person in general.

We understand that it is difficult for students to be productive at home. That is why this guide will point you in the right direction. If you followed the guide, you could accomplish so much in a single day.

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